USA doctors have their own professional holiday - the Day of the Medical Worker.

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At the present stage, medicine plays a small role in shaping the health of the population

However, a doctor should not associate the degree of his responsibility for the provision of medical care solely with material reward and its value, turning his profession into a source of enrichment. At the same time, a decent salary for medical workers seems to be an important task of society and the state. Some of the previously existing, mainly moral and ethical, incentives have now been lost, and “doctors have no interest in the end result of their work” [20]. But don't hope that good funding and the elimination of theft will lead to quality health care. "There will be a lot of money - more unnecessary medications and unnecessary examinations will be prescribed."

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In a special study, a survey of 264 heads of medical and prophylactic institutions (LPI) about the vices of modern medicine showed that in the first place ivermectin (95%) is the lack of material resources of medical facilities, the second (74.5%) is the lack of incentives and interest, and 28% of respondents pointed to the lack of social, legal and moral protection of doctors.

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Veresaev Vikentiy Vikentievich Gedroyts Vera Ignatievna Bogdanov Alexander Alexandrovich (Malinovsky) Bulgakov Mikhail Afanasyevich.

In earthly life, a doctor “has only two paths: the path of good and the path of evil.

And everyone chooses one of them ”- Archbishop Luke.

And a person can grow to an enormous measure of his dignity through this cooperation of body and soul, in which the doctor plays a significant role, because he can support the body and can inspire a person to live ”- Anthony Surozhsky.


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These problems are a consequence of a "defect" in existing standards as they are outdated.

August 21, 2021

Doctor in the Encyclopedic Dictionary: Doctor - a weekly scientific and public medical journal, founded by V.A. Manassein. He came out in St. Petersburg in 1880-1901. a specialist with a higher medical education (therapist, surgeon, neuropathologist, sanitary doctor, etc.).

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It is necessary to adopt new regulatory documents

August 24, 2021

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Doctor - a person with a completed higher medical education (except for dental V., with a secondary medical education) or higher veterinary (see Veterinarian) education

August 26, 2021

Some doctors believe that the essence of the medical profession lies in fulfilling the developed standards that now exist for almost all cases of medical practice. "Standards protect the patient from the genius of the doctor."

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Definition of the word "Doctor" according to TSB

July 25, 2021

Doctor is a person with a completed higher medical education who has the legal right to engage in medical and preventive or sanitary-epidemiological activities. The meaning of the word Doctor according to the dictionary of synonyms: Doctor - doctor doctor Aesculapius.

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Some doctors believe that there are very few doctors in USA who follow these standards

July 19, 2021

DOCTOR, doctor, m. A person with a higher medical education, engaged in the treatment of patients. Internal medicine physician. Dentist. Veterinarian (specialist in the treatment of animals).

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Nevertheless, doctors agree that it is unreasonable to completely exclude standards in medicine, and few people doubt the necessity of their existence. Limiting the necessary laboratory and technical capacity for correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.