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Math Hacks: Cochrane, Richard

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This app is a great app for highschool students in algebra. No more do you need to type in or copy and paste your problem. It can solve almost all problems for free, and to view steps it's a short video or a small subscription away.

Thomas Lee

But after update , it is more improved and easy to use, although I very much enjoyed the scan feature, it made things pretty quick, I see why they removed it it makes things more fluent in the app as you use It, this app talks to u and u can get answers for hard questions also u can take photos so u don't have to type but most importantly it is FREE.

Ernest Shannon

Really saved my skin during math classes. I meant by from any kind "Any level", i'd rate the app 10 outta 5 stars, the app has a lot of scrumptious features which helps me a lot in solving difficult math questions.

Joel Waggoner

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