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I've always struggled with algebra and mathematical expressions, especially finding a thorough explanation on how to solve it step by step. The best app for help with math, you won't regret it, if you have trouble graphing (like me) you can take a picture of the equation it type it in the calculator and it shows you how to graph.

Richard Johnson

I think the pay one (fully information) is for someone who hardly to understand about the math but for me I still can handle it so you guys can too. It helps me put in a math problem instead of typing it in. This is a MUST HAVE if you are in school or help someone who's in school and you need help with the helping.

Charles Redmond

I'd recommend this to everyone who struggles with algebra, in our age, knowing the material isnt as important as knowing where to find it. Thank you again, math app. I think you guys could be the next casio if you built your own calculator and started to sell it, business we be bombing for you guys, I think the world will start to buy them for math and maybe final exams.

Peter Rosenberg

Calculator Policy

Here are some of the graphing calculator models that are not allowed in the ACT testing room: Banned Texas Instruments Models: TI-89, TI

ACT Calculator Policy

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