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Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division (Video

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Terms for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

It is denoted by using a symbol is ‘+’ (plus sign). For example, the addition of 6 and 5 can be written as 6+5 the sum or result of adding those numbers is 11. As many times as
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the answer of subtraction is called the ______, when minuend

Answer for an addition problem= sum. Answer for a subtraction problem= difference. Answer for a multiplication problem= product. Answer for a division problem=

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Simple Word Problems on Addition with Solutions Example 1. There are 152 frogs in one pond and 136 frogs in another pond. How many frogs are there in all? Solution: Given
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What is Addition? Definition, Formula, Properties & Examples

Solution: 1392 + 1940 = 3332. She sold 3332 meatballs on Saturday. A visual way to solve world problems using bar modeling. This type of word problem uses the part-whole model. Because

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