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Thank you This app for assisting me for as long as you have, the app is really good, really good! The only problem that I see is that when I am using the calculator instead of having a period, it has a comma, and for me it is a little confusing. Highly recommend especially if you are confused.

Frank Capehart

Best application for all ages, not only does it answer the problems but it gives you solutions which is really helping with revision for exams etc, so many options, it's the ultimate calculator that tells you how it got the answer too, pretty good would be better if u didn't have to buy premium for it to show you how to answer the questions.

Justin Griffin

I'm such a procastinator. Saved my rear a few times whilst rushing to do homework a few minutes before class. Good luck, most features are free and it can solve a large variety of problems, im using this for life. Very helpful for checking answers and providing steps to solve equations when you're stuck or unsure.

Robert French

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Applied Calculus

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