Asymptote practice problems

Asymptotes – Examples and Practice Problems The asymptotes of a function are values that a function approaches as the values of x approach a specific value. For example, a function can approach but never reach, the x -axis as the x values tend to infinity. Here, we will look at a summary of the three types of asymptote See more

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Practice Questions on Finding Horizontal and Vertical

Practice 20 Questions Show answers Question 1 120 seconds Q. Find the horizontal asymptote. answer choices y = -2 none y = 0 y = 1/2 Question 2 120 seconds Q. When finding the

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Asymptotes: Worked Examples

Asymptote. An asymptote is a line that a curve approaches, as it heads towards infinity:. Types. There are three types: horizontal, vertical and oblique: The direction can also be negative: The curve can approach from any side (such as
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