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Chemical Equation Balancer

Enter either the number of moles or weight for one of the compounds to compute the rest. Limiting reagent can be computed for a balanced equation by entering the number of moles or

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Balancing Chemical Equations Calculator

Easy is good, so we basically want to force the quadratic equation into the form (x+a)²=x²+2ax+a². All it takes is making sure that the coefficient of the highest power (x²) is one. Move the

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Balancing Chemical Equations STEP BY STEP

The balancing chemical equations calculator balance the charge by adding electrons (e-) to the more positive side to equal the less positive side of the half-reaction. $$ O: 3H_2O + 2Fe → 6H+ + 6e- + Fe_2O_3 $$ $$ R: 4H + O_2 + + 4e-