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Binomial Probability Calculator with a Step By Step Solution

Our binomial distribution calculator uses the formula above to calculate the cumulative probability of events less than or equal to x, less than x, greater than or equal to x and greater than x for you. These are all cumulative binomial
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Binomial Distribution Applet/Calculator

A Binomial Calculator calculates the Probability Distribution of the number of successes which occur in a certain sequence of Trials. To use the free Binomial Calculator, you simply have to fill in the required fields with the appropriate

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Dallas Mace

Very helpful for homework when you don't have school calculator, i got to the point where this is all I'm going to use haha. This app has saved my skin more times! I love that it shows you the steps to help you understand.

Roger Nelson

Just download ok you wont regret. It's just SO easy to do seriously anything plus theres extra modes for it too, i LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH, it is very good, best problem solving app by far, i feel all school material leaves the "unnecessary steps" out, and I need that.

Binomial Distribution Calculator

The calculator reports that the binomial probability is 0.193. That is the probability of getting EXACTLY 7 Heads in 12 coin tosses. (The calculator also reports the cumulative probabilities.

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