Calc 2 problems

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Jesse Jacobs

What I like most is the ability to scan with your camera and view the steps as they are given to you, truly helps with any difficult problem, it'd be much better if you people improve this things, and also, is it possible for it to have a feature where you can just easily import and crop an image instead of having to take photo evertime? It would be really convenient to have it.

Robert Jackson

Thanks so much for this amazing tool, but this covers a good 99% of math subjects. I needed this for a single reason, solving math problems at work on the fly, this apps make my homework became super duper easy†.

Calculus 2

The second, and probably larger, reason many students have difficulty with Calculus II is that you will be asked to truly think in this class. That is not meant to insult

Calculus II (Practice Problems)

Tangent Lines and Rates of Change – In this section we will introduce two problems that we will see time and again in this course : Rate of Change of a function and

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