Combined Rate Example (2 People Working Together)

The equation used to solve problems of this type is one of reciprocals. It is derived as follows: For this problem: To make this into a solvable equation, find the total time needed for Felicia and Katy to paint the room. This time is the

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Solving Combined Rate (i.e., Work) Problems

The rate of both workers combined is always the sum of their individual rates. That lets you fill in one more square in the table: Jenny and Laila’s rate when working together is 1/3

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Work Word Problems

In this video, I show you how to solve combined rate (i.e., work) problems, and in addition, I work out some problems that closely mirror what you should see
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3 Ways to Solve Combined Labor Problems

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9.10 Rate Word Problems: Work and Time

Solving unit rate problem. Solving unit price problem. Practice: Unit rates. Rate problems. Practice: Rate problems. This is the currently selected item. Comparing rates example.

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Combined rate formula? : Quantitative

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