Consistent and dependent system of equations example

Step-by-Step Examples Algebra Systems of Equations Determine if Dependent, Independent, or Inconsistent x + y = 0 x + y = 0 , x − y = 0 x - y = 0 Solve the system of equations. Tap for more

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Consistent and Inconsistent Linear Systems

As represented in the graph below, the pair of lines coincide and, therefore, dependent and consistent. Algebraically, when a 1 /a 2 = b 1 /b 2 = c 1 /c 2

Consistent and Dependent Systems

For example, the set of equations: {eq}2x + 3y = 6 \\ 3x + 2y = 4 {/eq} is a system of equations. A consistent system of equations is a system of equations that has at least one
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Consistent, Inconsistent, Dependent, Independent

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