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2018-4-17 · What Equations Make Cool Graphs On The Ti 84 Calculator Quora. How To Graph The Shape Of A Heart On Graphing Calculator Using Multiple Equations And What Type Calculators

TI 83/84: Calculator Pictures: The Smiley Face Equations

As you probably know, there are a ridiculously huge amount of cool graphs out there. Of course, I can only discover so many of them, but this is a page of really cool graphs that I have found. All of these pictures have been rendered by an
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Robert Badger

Though a little confusing at first lol, thank you developers for creating such a useful app for understanding maths easily. Works well, the interface is easy to understand, they can use photos, typing and even voice too. It's great, till know I have found solutions to every math's problems I have written or scanned in it.

Robert Ashmore

Love this app and will recommend it to others as well, 5stars. I was skeptical to try this app if it will really work or not, it was so helpful that i payed for its pro version also, and I am not regretting for it.