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Here, we debate how Decomposition math can help students learn Algebra.

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Not to mention,its better than photomath, easy to use, just some tech savy ability is necessery. Best math related app imo, other than that it works well, it also shows you the steps used to solve the sum unlike other free problem solving apps which require you to purchase the premium version and then they show you the steps.

John Winston

I'd recommend this to everyone who struggles with algebra. I really like the app even especially how it explains the step. Thanks, you really helped me, excellent Solution with brief steps, very helpful for me, this app offers everything and more with explanations, wonderful experience i wish we had an option to chose a photo from the gallery in our phones though.

Robert Chang

Thanks a lot Sir, thanks so much for this amazing tool, thanks team for making this app available for free, i probably sound like a bot rn but trust me this app is the real deal.

Donald Rimer

Factoring a trinomial using decomposition

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Addition of Numbers using Decomposition Method

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