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Direct variation equations

The direct variation equation is the formula that models any direct variation relationship between two variables. The direct variation formula is: {eq}y=kx {/eq} This

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Direct Variation

Write the direct variation equation. y = k x Substitute the given x and y values, and solve for k . 30 = k ⋅ 6 k = 5 The equation is y = 5 x . Now substitute x = 100 and find y . y = 5 ⋅ 100 y = 500

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Direct Variation

Since it is given that the two variables, height and age, are in direct variation, we can use the equation for direct variation: The constant of proportionality, k, is 4, the age of the plant is x

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Identifying Direct Variation Equations

The direct variation equation is a linear equation in two variables and is given by y = kx where k is the constant proportionality. The direct variation graph in a coordinate plane is a straight line.

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Direct Variation

In a direct variation equation you have two variables, usually x and y, and a constant value that is usually called k. The main idea in direct variation is that as one variable
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Direct Variation

To write the equation of direct variation, we replace the letter k k by the number 2 2 in the equation y = kx y = kx. When an equation that represents direct variation is graphed in the

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