How to divide long division

We will explore How to divide long division can help students understand and learn algebra.

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Long Division

Divide each digit of the dividend with the divisor starting from left to right. Bring down the next digit after each step as shown below: 1. Divide 2 by 2. Write the remainder after subtracting the

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How To Do Long Division? Definition, Steps, Method, Examples

Step 1: D for Divide. How many times can you divide 5 into 15. The answer is 3. So you put 3 on the quotient line. Step 2: M for Multiply. You multiply your answer from step 1 and your divisor: 3 x 5 = 15. Write this underneath the 15. Step 3: S
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Math Antics

To divide larger numbers, use long division. Unlike the other Big Four operations, long division moves from left to right. For each digit in the dividend (the number you’re

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Long Division Made Easy

To perform long division, first identify the dividend and divisor. To divide 100 by 7, where 100 is the dividend and 7 is the divisor, set up the long division problem by writing the dividend under

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