What is the distance between the centre of an equilateral

Viewed 752 times. 1. I need to find the distance from the barycenter of an equilateral triangle to the edge in a given angle. Here's a little sketch: Given the

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The Equilateral Triangle

Find the area of a equilateral triangle with a side of 8 units. Step 1. Use the height formula: ( side/2 * √3 ) to calculate the height. height = 8/2* √3=4√3. Step 2. Plug height into the area formula 1/2b * h.

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how to find the distance of the incenter of an equlateral

For simplicity, assume the circumradius of the polygon is 1. The inradius of the polygon is r = cos π n. Suppose your ray is at some angle θ from an inradius, and that it hits the polygon at a distance d. We then have cos θ = r
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