Calculus I

A continuous function is a function that can be drawn without lifting your pen off the paper while making no sharp changes, an unbroken, smooth curved line. While, a discontinuous function is

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Continuous Functions

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How to Determine Whether a Function Is Continuous or

By observing the given graph, we come to know that. lim x-> x0- f (x) = f (x 0 ) (Because we have unfilled circle) But, lim x-> x0+ f (x) = f (x 0 ) (Because we have the same unfilled circle at the same place) Hence the given function is
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Continuous Function

From the above examples, notice one thing about continuity: if the graph doesn't have any holes or asymptotes at a point, it is always continuous at that point. Properties of Continuity Here are some properties of continuity of a function. If

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