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It not only helps me check my work, but shows me if/where I've messed up and why. I can't begin to explain how this app is Optimised Exceptionally Outstanding Because with this app I am able to get better grades in mathematics and others Because this app is not just good nor better but the best.

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Very interesting and supportful Thank you ❣️’¯Š, it gives you the answer and gives a step by step easy to understand explanation, but it isn't forced onto you which is the best part, even though the camera function doesnt work. As a senior I downloaded this so I could help my granddaughter with her homework.

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Everything about the app works great, and if it accidentaly gets the equation wrong (which is quite rare) you can simply correct it. Try if u need help with any math this it such a good app and no ads and it free.

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Learn How To Solve A Pyraminx

Hello friends welcome back to my channel, in my last video I have shown pyramid cube solving, in this video I have shown step by step solving. Hope u all lik
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GANCUBE Tutorial for Pyraminx

The solution of the Pyraminx begins with turning the 4 corners ( A) to match the center pieces. Tthis is just a simple turn for each corner because the three sides of the center pieces ( B) are linked together. When the tips are OK, deep turn
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4 Easy Steps To Solve Pyraminx Cube

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Pyraminx Puzzle

How to solve pyramid cube Reena kharkar 68 subscribers Subscribe 1 No views 1 minute ago 1 layer 1 algorithm - L' U L 1 layer 2 algorithm - R' L R L' more more Try YouTube Kids Learn