Using synthetic division to factor and find zeros of polynomials

We obtain the solution by modelling the equation as (x 2 + x - 2) รท (x + 2). Step 1: Write the coefficients of the dividend inside the box and zero of x + 2 as the divisor. Step 2: Bring down

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Finding all the Zeros of a Polynomial

To determine if -1 is a rational zero, we will use synthetic division. The synthetic division problem shows that we are determining if -1 is a zero. The first row of numbers shows

Synthetic Division and the Remainder and Factor Theorems

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Using Synthetic Division to Find Zeros of Polynomials

To find the number to substitute it in the division box, we need to set the denominator as zero. If any term is missing, then write zero to fill in the missing term and write the numerator in

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