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How To Find a Common Denominator? Definition, Examples

LCM (3; 7; 13) = 273 Find additional factors for each fraction, for this divide LCM by the denominators of each fraction: 273 : 3 = 91 (factor of 1 fraction) 273 : 7 = 39 (factor of 2
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When you solve for the common denominator using the LCM method, you find the least common multiple of the given numbers. In this equation, the least common multiple is 6. Hence, the equation becomes 1/3 + 1/6 = (1 x 2 + 1)/6 = (2 + 1)/6

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The easiest way to get two fractions to have the same denominators is to multiply both the numerator and the denominator by the other fraction's denominator. For example, find

Finding common denominators (video)

To get the denominator from 6 to 24, we have to multiply it by 4. So if we don't want to change the value of 5/6, we have to multiply the numerator and denominator by the same thing. So let's multiply the

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3 Ways to find a common Denominator

For the denominators (2, 8, 6, 1) the least common multiple ( LCM) is 24. LCM (2, 8, 6, 1) Therefore, the least common denominator ( LCD) is 24. Calculations to rewrite the original inputs as equivalent fractions with the LCD: 1 1/2 = 3/2 ×

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