Find amplitude

The amplitude is half of the difference of the maximum and minimum values This procedure can be written in one formula as: Amplitude = max value − min value 2 m a x v a l u e

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Finding the Period and Amplitude of a Graph

Here, you could find the period and amplitude with the help of a period amplitude calculator. How to Find Amplitude? The maximum displacement covered by a point on a vibrating body or

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Formulas for Wave Amplitude

The Amplitude formula can be written as. y = A s i n ( ω t + ϕ) where, y is the displacement of the wave in meters. A is the amplitude of the wave in meters. ω is the angular frequency given by.

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Function Amplitude Calculator

Determining the Amplitude and Period of a Sine Function From its Graph Step 1: Determine the amplitude by calculating {eq}\dfrac {y_1 - y_2} {2} {/eq} where {eq}y_1 {/eq} is the highest {eq}y
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