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But after update , it is more improved and easy to use. I hope this app helps other people like me that needs math help, i use it constantly for homework. Hello ! I've been using This app for a very long time and I have to say that this app is one of the best apps I've ever used. I was not much of a cheating program for me but it helped me a lot.

Lonnie Haar

Great app so I rated it 5 stars but the monthly premium is so expensive it was USD 543 equivalent to 28,779 pesos or 2, this app has helped me check my son's homework and explain to him where he made his mistakes and how to fix it to get the right answer.

Joseph Heath

By showing you how to solve the problem and not just give you answers it helps me better understand. This App literally knew every question I asked it. It helps so much on homework. I highly recommend this app to middle schoolers just like me, however, a very tiny bit of the time, you will have to use your scientific calculator for some stuff, though they are sure to be added in the future.

Sergio Beaver

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Area of composite shapes (video)

Composite figures are just a combination of simpler figures in disguise! In this tutorial, you'll see how to break down a composite figure into simpler figures. Then, see how to find the area of
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Area of compound shapes

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Light & Salt Learning

This compilation of meticulously crafted printable area of compound shapes worksheets for students of 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade extends two levels of composite figures to prep

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Area of Composite Shapes

How to Find the Area of Composite Shapes? The steps for finding the area of composite shapes

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