Find direction angle of vector

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How do I find the direction angle of vector <-2, -5>?

Free vector angle calculator - find the vector angle with the x-axis step-by-step

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How to Find a Vectors Magnitude and Direction

The direction of a vector can be expressed by the angle its tail forms with east, north, west or south. After determining the value of tan -1 |y/x|, we can apply the respective formula for each

Direction angle of a vector

v = ∥ v ∥ ( cos θ) i + ∥ v ∥ ( sin θ) j. v = a i + b j. Therefore the direction angle of θ of

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Direction of the Vector Calculator

Use the calculator of Magnitude and Direction to Answer the Questions. Use the calculator to find the direction of the vectors u = , 3 > and v = . Why are they equal? Find the
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