Find equation of parabola given 3 points

And if the parabola opens horizontally (which can mean the open side of the U faces right or left), you'll use this equation: x = a (y - k)2 + h . Because the example parabola

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How do I find the standard equation of a parabola given 3

EQUATION OF PARABOLA FROM 3 POINTS The graphical form of quadratic function will be a parabola. The quadratic equation which is in the form of y = ax 2 + bx + c will form a parabola
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How Do You Write an Equation For a Quadratic if

learn how to find the equation of a quadratic (parabola) given 3 points in this video by mario's math tutoring. 0:21 general form of a quadratic (parabola) 0:37 writing a system of

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