Find the nth term

How to find a formula for the nth term in a linear sequence, and how to find other terms in a sequence; here we find the 100th term. SUBTITLES available.0:00

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How do I work out the nth term?

Formula to find nth term is: nth term = a + (n - 1)d. Formula to find sum of arithmetic progression is: S = n/2 × [2a₁ + (n - 1)d] Where: a refers to nᵗʰ term of the sequence, d refers to common

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Find nth term in arithmetic or geometric sequence

Step 1: At first find the first and 2nd term, that is a 1 and a 2. Step 2: Then find the common difference between them, that is d = (a 2 -a 1) Step 3: Now, by adding the difference d

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n-th Term of an Arithmetic Sequence

How to calculate n-th term of a sequence? For an arithmetic sequence, the nth term is calculated using the formula s + d x (n - 1). So the 5-th term of a sequence starting with 1 and with a

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How to Find the Nth Term of an Arithmetic Sequence

How to find the nth term. The nth term of an arithmetic sequence is given by : a_{n}=a_{1}+(n-1)
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