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The simple reason for this can be found by looking at the function g (t)=f (t)-a0 [note: g (t) is the square wave with the constant offset removed so that the average of the function is zero]. It turns out that g (t) is an odd function, and

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Fourier Series

Here I can show you my steps: F(x, y) = ∞ ∑ m = 1sin(mπx) ∞ ∑ n = 1sin(nπy)Am, n = ∞ ∑ m = 1( ∞ ∑ n = 1Am, nsin(nπy))sin(mπx) = ∞ ∑ m = 1Bmsin(mπx) and so Bm = 2 L∫L0F(x, y)sin(mπx)dx
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Learn About Fourier Coefficients

Note that the Fourier coefficients are complex numbers, even though the series in Equation [1], evaluated with the coefficients in Equation [4], result in a real function. If the following condition (equation [5]) is true, then the resultant

Finding Fourier coefficients

Convergence of Fourier series Given a Fourier series a 0 + X1 n=1 (a n cos(nx) + b n sin(nx)) (1) let its Nth partial sum be s N(x) = a 0 + XN n=1 (a n cos(nx) + b n sin(nx)): (2) According to the

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Fourier Series -

First, recognise that the fundamental period of the signal x (t) (sum of two sinusoidals with periods 2/3 s and 1/50 s) is 2s. And the fundamental frequency, f 0, is 0.5 hz.

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