Finding period of trig functions

Find the period of the periodic function y = 9cos(6x +4) y = 9 c o s ( 6 x + 4). The period of cosx c o s x is 2π 2 π, and the period of 9cos(6x +4) 9 c o s ( 6 x + 4) is: 2π 6 =π 3 2 π

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Finding the Period of the Sum of Sine and Cosine Functions

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Finding the Period and Amplitude of a Sine Function

The periods of the basic trigonometric functions are as follows: Function Period sin ⁡ (θ), cos ⁡ (θ) 2 π csc ⁡ (θ), sec ⁡ (θ) 2 π tan ⁡ (θ), cot ⁡ (θ) π \begin{array}{|c|c|} \hline \text{Function} & \text{Period}\\ \hline \sin (\theta) , \cos ( \theta ) &

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Trig Help: Graphing 4

The graph of a trigonometric function of the form y = a sin (b x), with b >0, is shown below. Find its period and the parameter b. solution There is one cycle from the zero at x = -π/4 to the zero at x = π/4. Hence the period P is equal to:

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