Finding the focus of a parabola

Now we will learn how to find the focus & directrix of a parabola from the equation. So, when the equation of a parabola is y – k = a (x – h) 2 Here, the value of a = 1/4C So the focus is (h, k + C), the vertex is (h, k) and the

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Parabola Foci (Focus Points) Calculator

Find the focus of the parabola () = (). It’s another “regular” parabola, which means you use y = a ( x − h ) 2 + k {\displaystyle y=a(x-h)^{2}+k} and ( h , k + 1 / ( 4 a ) ) {\displaystyle

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How To Find the Focus of a Parabola: Your Easy Guide

To find focus of parabola, substitute the values in focus formula: \ ( (\frac {-b} {2a} , \frac {4ac-b^2+1} {4a})= (\frac {-6} {2 (3)} , \frac {4 (3) (0)-6^2+1} {4 (3)})\) Focus of parabola