5.6: Zeros of Polynomial Functions

Find the zeros of the quadratic function. Two possible methods for solving quadratics are factoring and using the quadratic formula. Example: Finding the Zeros of a Polynomial

Zeros of Polynomial

Find the zeros of the polynomial P(x) = x2 + 5x − 14 . Solution. Factor P(x) as follows. P(x) = (x − 2)(x + 7) Set P(x) = 0 and solve. P(x) = (x − 2)(x + 7) = 0. Apply the factor theorem [1 2] and

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Find zeros of a polynomial function

It tells us how the zeros of a polynomial are related to the factors. Recall that the Division Algorithm tells us f(x) = (x − k)q(x) + r. If k is a zero, then the remainder r is f(k) = 0 and f(x) = (x

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Finding Zeroes of Polynomials

The zeros of a polynomial calculator can find all zeros or solution of the polynomial equation P (x) = 0 by setting each factor to 0 and solving for x. Are zeros and roots the same? According
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High School Math : Finding Zeros of a Polynomial

If the rational number x = b c x = b c is a zero of the n n th degree polynomial, P (x) = sxn +⋯+t P ( x) = s x n + ⋯ + t. where all the coefficients are integers then b b will be a factor