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sin (x)+cos (y)=0.5. 2x−3y=1. cos (x^2)=y. (x−3) (x+3)=y^2. y=x^2. If you don't include an equals sign, it will assume you mean =0 . It has not been well tested, so have fun with it, but don't

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Solving Equations Graphically, Solutions to Linear Equations

Thus, to graph an equation in two variables, we graph the set of ordered pairs that are solutions to the equation. For example, we can find some solutions to the first-degree equation. y = x + 2.

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1. About: The Graphical Equation Tool This is a visual editor that allows you to create mathematical and chemical expressions, using either your keyboard or a set of icons. This tool is good for new users and does most of the formatting
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