How to find an exponent

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How do I calculate the base of an exponent if I know the result

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Solve for Exponents Calculator

When exponents are raised to another exponent, the exponents are multiplied. (a m) n = a (m × n) EX: (2 2) 4 = 4 4 = 256. (2 2) 4 = 2 (2 × 4) = 2 8 = 256. When multiplied bases are raised to an

3 Ways to Solve Exponents

We know that the general formula for an exponential function is given by: f (x) = abx (or y = abx) Using the first point (1, 10), we substitute x = 1 and y = 10 to get: y = abx 10 = ab1 10 = ab Now
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Solving a Formula For a Variable Contained in an Exponent

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