How to tell if two vectors are perpendicular

Since b ⋅ c = 0, b vector and c vector are perpendicular. So, the given vectors form a right triangle. Example 4 : If the vectors (i + 2j - 5k) and (3i - 2j + ak) are perpendicular to each other, find the

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Determine if Two Vectors Are Parallel or Perpendicular

If you calculate the scalar product and show it = 0 the vectors must be perpendicular. To calculate the scalar product of two vectors eg a = 3 i + 4 j - 12 k and b = 4 i + 3 j + 2 k we simply

Dot Products and Orthogonality

If two vectors are perpendicular, then their dot-product is equal to zero. The cross-product of two vectors is defined to be A×B = (a2_b3 - a3_b2, a3_b1 - a1_b3, a1_b2 - a2*b1).
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