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Future Value Calculator

The following is the formula: Depreciation per year = Asset Cost - Salvage Value Useful life Declining Balance Depreciation Method For specific assets, the newer they are, the faster they

Compound Interest Calculator

In the calculator above select Calculate Rate (R). The calculator will use the equations: r = n ( (A/P) 1/nt - 1) and R = r*100. So you'd need to put $30,000 into a savings account that pays a rate of 3.813% per year and compounds interest

Compound Interest Calculator

Given an interest rate per annum compounded annually (i), semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, and daily, this calculates the accumulated balance after (n) periods This calculator has 3 inputs. What formulas are used for the Compound Interest Accumulated Balance Calculator? B n = Bn - 1(1 + i)