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How to find y intercept of a parabola

Math can be difficult to understand, but it's important to learn How to find y intercept of a parabola.

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How to Find the y-intercept of a Parabola

Find the intercepts of a parabola. To find the intercepts of a parabola with equation \(y=a{x}^{2}+bx+c\):
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Finding the x-intercepts of a function

The y-intercept is where the parabola of a function crosses (or intercepts) the y axis. Another way to define the y-intercept is the value of y when x is equal to zero. Because

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Parabola Intercepts

The intercept form of a parabola is given by y = a(x − p)(x − q) y = a ( x − p) ( x − q), where a a is the same constant from the standard form, and the other two constants are the zeroes

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Intercept (Intercept Meaning)

The method for finding the y y -intercept of a quadratic function or the y y -intercept of a parabola is the same as that of a line. If a quadratic equation is given, substitute x = 0 x = 0 and solve for y y to get the y y intercept. Finding the y y -Intercept – Example 1: Find the y y -intercept of the equation y = x2 −2x −3 y = x 2 − 2 x − 3.

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