How to make a sideways parabola

To make the parabola go sideways, swap y and x as: x = ay^2 + by + c. Now, the parabola will point either left or right. When the parabolas go up or down, y is a function of x. When the

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Sideways Parabolas 1

We'll need to be thinking about these a lot to get through this! Now, let me introduce you to Sideways Parabola Guy: He's the same shape as Standard Parabola Guy . He opens towards positives -- just like Standard Parabola Guy:

Graphing Quadratic Equations using the Axis of Symmetry

A parabola will open downwards (concave down) if a simply multiply the quadratic equation by -1 on the right side. This will reflect the parabola across the x

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Graphing a Horizontal Parabola

Here's how to draw a sideways parabola in Desmos and adjust it to trace a picture.
Conics: Parabolas: Introduction

Work with the equation to find the axis of symmetry, focal distance, and directrix. To find the axis of symmetry start with the vertex. The vertex of this parabola is (3, 1). The axis

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