How To Solve Linear Inequalities, Basic Introduction, Algebra

Solving Inequalities Step - 1: . Write the inequality as an equation. Step - 2: . Solve the equation for one or more values. Step - 3: . Represent all the values on the number line. Step - 4: . Also

3 Ways to Graph Inequalities

The solution of an inequality can be represented on the number line, using an empty circle to represent that the value of x is not part of the solution, and a closed circle if the value of x is

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Multi-step inequalities (video)

The inequality is between your age and the age of 13. Your age must be greater than or equal to 13, which is written: Age ≥ 13 Comparing Values Practice >, < and = with Compare Numbers to

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And & Or Inequalities

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Algebra: Solving Inequalities

First of all, add both sides of the inequality by 2 8x – 2 + 2 > 0 + 2 8x > 2 Now, solve by dividing both sides of the inequality by 8 to get; x > 2/8 x > 1/4 Example 8 Solve the following inequality:

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