How to estimate decimals

Let's look at some more examples of estimating decimal quotients. Example 2: Estimate the quotient: 4,189 ÷ 6.3. Analysis: Since 42 ÷ 6 = 7, we will round 4,189 to 4,200 and 6.3 to 6 .

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Estimating decimal division (video)

Point out that the rules for estimating a decimal product or quotient follow a similar logic. Explain that we start by rounding each decimal to the nearest whole number, i.e. the ones place. Then

Estimating Decimal Sums

Welcome to Estimating Decimal Multiplication with Mr. J! Need help with decimal multiplication estimation? You're in the right placeWhether you're just star

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Estimating decimal addition (video)

We rounded our decimal to the nearest whole number. We can round our 10.3 to a simple 10. To find our estimated answer, we multiply the number of gallons, 10, we need by the cost per gallon, 4.
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How to Estimate in Maths

Welcome to Estimating Decimal Division with Mr. J! Need help with decimal division estimation? You're in the right placeWhether you're just starting out, or

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