What is the Constant of Proportionality?

If we know that it takes 20 people 15 hours to perform a task, and that the relationship is inversely proportional, we can find the constant of proportionality by multiplying the two: k = xy = 20 ×

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Seventh Grade / Constant of Proportionality

Also, calculate the value of the constant of proportionality? Solution: Let us determine the type of relationship between the two variables. We know the inverse relation formula is given as. y = k

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Constant of Proportionality

To find the proportionality constant, we determine the ratio between the number of articles and the number of days. We must evaluate k = y x k = y x k = y x = 3 1 = 9 3 = 15 5 = 18
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How to Identify the Constant of Proportionality

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