Finding the Area of a Triangle Using Trigonometry

Using the formula for area of a triangle equal to , drawing and labelling its sides, angles, and height h, then using triangle trigonometry and substitution, we can derive the formulae , where

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Finding the Area of a Triangle using Sine

We can adapt this formula using the trigonometric ratio sin(θ)= O H sin(θ) = H O to work out the area of a triangle when we do not know its vertical height. The formula we get is: Area of

Area of Triangles

The area of a triangle can be expressed using the lengths of two sides and the sine of the included angle. AreaΔ = ½ ab sin C. You may see this referred to as the SAS formula for the area of a triangle. With this new formula, we no longer

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Areas of Triangles

Let's practice using trigonometry to find the area of a right triangle with the following two examples. Example Problem 1 - An Angle and the Hypotenuse Are Given Find the area of

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Area of a Triangle Trig

When you know the lengths of two of a triangle’s sides plus the measure of the angle between those sides (SAS), you can find the area of the triangle. This method requires a