How to solve decimal division problems

One of the most important skills that students need to learn is How to solve decimal division problems.

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Long division with decimals (video)

Multiply the digit above the division bar by the divisor. Take the number you just wrote above the division bar and multiply it by the divisor (the
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Dividing Decimals

Move the decimals to the right to make the divisor a whole number. 1.867 3432)6407.544 -3432 29755 -27456 22994 -20592 24024 -24024 0 Complexity=5, Mode=4
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How to Divide Decimals

Divide a whole number or a decimal by a decimal using long division. Divide decimals by decimals 1: Dividend less than 10; divisor 1-2 digits. Divide decimals by decimals 2: Dividend varies more; divisor 1-2 digits. Divide decimals by

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How to Divide Decimals (Video & Practice Questions)

Dividing whole numbers to get a decimal. Practice: Dividing whole numbers like 56÷35 to get a decimal. Dividing a decimal by a whole number. Dividing a whole number by a decimal. Dividing decimals with hundredths. Dividing decimals completely. Long division with decimals.

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