How to find 1/5 of a number

This can help the student to understand the problem and How to find 1/5 of a number.

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What is 1/5 of 100? (Calculate 1/5 of 100)

To work out a fraction of a number, all you need to do is divide that number by the denominator of the fraction, then multiply your result by the numerator of the fraction. For instance, if we

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Working out fractions of numbers To find 1/5 of 20, for example

Explanation: To find 1/5 (said as 'one fifth') is the same as dividing by 5 So 20 divided by 5 is 4 In the same way, 1/2 of 20 is the same as 20 divided by 2 1/4 of 20 is 20

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