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Depending on the item being measured, a log-log scale may be necessary. 2 Read the scale of the main divisions. On a logarithmic scale graph, the evenly spaced marks represent the powers of whatever base you are

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Graphs of logarithmic functions (practice)

In the logarithmic scale, when we move to the right, instead of adding, we multiply the starting point by a fixed factor. So if we move twice by a distance of 10, we multiply by 10

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Graphing Logarithmic Functions: Introduction

Now let's just graph some of these points. When x is equal to 8, y is equal to 3. When x is equal to 4, y is equal to 2. When x is equal to 2, y is equal to 1. When x is equal to 1, y is equal to 0. I think you see the general shape

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