How to know if a point of discontinuity is removable

1 Answer. A removable discontinuity occurs precisely when the left hand and right hand limits exist as equal real numbers but the value of the function at that point is not equal to this limit

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How to quickly tell if a discontinuity is removable or non

How Do You Know if a Discontinuity is Removable? If the limit of a function exists at a point (i.e., both left-hand and right-hand limits at that point exist, and also they are equal) but the limit is

How to Find Removable Discontinuity

How can you tell if the discontinuity of a function is removable or non-removable? Just look at the limit! If the limit from the left at p and the right at p are the same number, but that isn't the

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How to Determine Whether a Function Is Discontinuous

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