How to reflect function over y axis

Write the reflections of the given functions over the x-axis, y-axis, and both x and y-axis. y = 6 x − 3 y = 7 x 2 + 3 x + 2 Solution: 1) When the function y = 6 x − 3 is reflected

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Reflecting functions: examples (video)

The reflections of a function are transformations that make the graph of a function reflected over one of the axes. A reflection is equivalent to “flipping” the graph of the function using the axes as references. We can understand this concept using the function f(x)=x+1. When we graph this function, we get the line shown i See more

Reflection Over X-Axis & Y-Axis

We can reflect the graph of any function f about the x-axis by graphing y=-f (x) and we can reflect it about the y-axis by graphing y=f (-x). We can even reflect it about both axes by graphing y=-f (-x). See how this is applied to solve various problems. Sort by: Tips & Thanks Video transcript

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How to reflect a graph through the x-axis, y-axis or Origin?

How do you show a reflection over the y-axis of a function? We can reflect the graph of any function f about the x-axis by graphing y=-f(x) and we can reflect it about the y

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