Reflect Function About y-Axis: f(-x)

Reflection Across the Y-Axis Step 1: Know that we're reflecting across the y-axis Step 2: Identify easy-to-determine points Step 3: Divide these points by (-1) and plot the new points

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What is the equation of a quadratic function reflected over

The formula for this is: {eq}(x,y) \rightarrow (-x,y) {/eq}. To reflect an equation over the y-axis, simply multiply the input variable by -1: {eq}y=f(x) \rightarrow y=f(-x) {/eq}.

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Reflection across the y-axis: y = f(-x)

How do you reflect over the y-axis in an equation? To flip or reflect (horizontally) about the vertical y-axis, replace y = f(x) with y = f(-x). What are the coordinates of the y-axis?
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Identify reflections, rotations, and translations

reflected in the y-axis. Solution : Required transformation : Reflection about y - axis, So replace x by -x. Put x = -x and. Original equation ==> 2x-3y = 8. After reflection ==> -2x-3y = 8. 2x+3y = -8.
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Reflection across the y axis. Conic Sections: Parabola and Focus. example

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Writing a rule to describe a translation

A reflection in the line y = x can be seen in the picture below in which A is reflected to its image A'. The general rule for a reflection in the y = x : ( A, B) → ( B, A) Applet You can drag the point anywhere you want Reflection over the line y