How to round to the nearest inch

How to Round to the Nearest Inch. Part of the series: Math Skills. Rounding to the nearest inch is the same as rounding to anything. Find out how to round to

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Rounding Calculator

1/8 of an inch is equal to 0.125 of an inch, so it you know it's length to at least 0.01 then you must pick the nearest multiple of 0.125. If you are using reactions, find the common denominator of
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Its pythagorean theorem. It work but I want to round my answer off to the nearest 1/16 (closest up or down). I typed in this formula: =mround (sqrt (cell^2+cell^2),0.0625) It

How to round something to the nearest 1/8th of an inch

Now, when you're doing measurements, and you wanna round to the nearest inch, the same rules apply as you would use when you're rounding to the nearest integer. So, for example, if we

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Rounding to the Nearest Inch Calculator

Inches are a customary unit of length. Learn how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest inch and half inch.

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How to Round to the Nearest Inch

Therefore, 1205.904 rounded to the nearest 1⁄16 is 1205 14⁄16. Question 2: What is 9.1768 rounded to the nearest 1⁄16? Solution: Given number is 9.1768. The fractional part of the

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How Do You Measure To The Nearest 1/2 Inch?

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