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30-60-90 Triangle

a/c = sin (30°) = 1/2 so c = 2a. b/c = sin (60°) = √3/2 so b = c√3/2 = a√3. Also, if you know two sides of the triangle, you can find the third one from the Pythagorean theorem. However, the methods described above are more

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The Easy Guide to the 30-60-90 Triangle

Solution. This is a 30-60-90 triangle in which the side lengths are in the ratio of x: x√3:2x. Substitute x = 7m for the longer leg and the
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30-60-90 Triangle

A 30-60-90 is a scalene triangle and each side has a different measure. Since it’s a right triangle, the sides touching the right angle are called the legs of the triangle, it has a long

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30 60 90 Triangle. Calculator

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A Quick Guide to the 30-60-90 Triangle

As in the given figure, we have two values X and Y that are unknown, so we are now solving a 30 60 90 triangle given: c = 4 a = c 2 a = 4 2 a = 2 b = c√3 2 b = 4√3 2 b = 4 ∗ 0.866 b = 3.464 For

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