How to solve an exponential equation

General MathematicsSolving Exponential Equations - How to Solve Exponential Equations Step 1: Express both sides in terms of the same base. Step 2: Equat

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3 Ways to Solve Exponential Equations

How to Solve Exponential Equations with Different Bases Step 1. Take logarithms of both sides. Write each side of the equation inside a log. Step 2. Bring down the exponent in front of the

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Solving Exponential Equations from the Definition

Step 1. Forget about the exponents for a minute and focus on the bases: Rewrite the bases as powers of a common base. Do this by asking yourself : Answer: They are both powers of 2.

Solving exponential equations using logarithms: base-2 (video)

Solving Exponential Equations Using Logarithms. Sometimes the terms of an exponential equation cannot be rewritten with a common base. In these cases, we solve by taking the


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Solve an Exponential Equation: Relating the Bases

Equating an Exponent and a Whole Number 1. Isolate the exponential expression. Make sure that there is an exponential expression on


To solve an exponential equation using logarithms, we can apply log l o g or ln l n on both sides. If an exponential equation has 1 1 on each side, we can write it as 1 = a0 1 = a 0