How to find area of decagon

Area of Decagon is defined as the measure of the total space that the surface of the object occupies of a Decagon is calculated using Area of Decagon = (5/2)*(Side of Decagon ^2)*(sqrt

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Area of a Decagon

Here is a regular dodecagon with sides measuring 74 cm. What is its perimeter and area? [insert labeled drawing regular dodecagon sides 74 cm] Think before you peek! Perimeter: Perimeter = 12 x s; Length of one side: 74 cm; Perimeter:

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The area of a decagon

We can find the area of the decagon using the following steps: Step 1: Detemine the area of each congruent isosceles triangle. Step 2: Now, multiply the value of the area of each congruent isosceles triangle by 10. Step 3: Once the value of

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Area of a Decagon Formulas & Calculator

To perform the calculation, select the required parameter in the menu and enter its value. Then click the 'Calculate' button. Properties All sides are equal. All angles are equal. The bisector and