How to spell eighty

Number Speller Please, type number in the box, choose a voice then press on the button 'Speak'. By using this word pronouncer you can find answers to questions like: What is the correct

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How To Spell eighty?

Answer Answered by Connor Mcgee How do you write out the number 80 in words? It depends on the kind of number (e.g., it could be used as a cardinal or ordinal number). But commonly, 80 is

Eighty definition and meaning

Incorrect spelling, explanation: this form is wrong because there should be one more h in the spelling, as in eight, which is the core word here. Eight + -th (suffix for ordinal numbers) is

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Write 80 in Words

eightieth \ ˈā- tē- əth \ adjective or noun eighty adjective eighty pronoun, plural in construction Examples of eighty in a Sentence The temperature rose to the high eighties. She is in her mid


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